candle box front, 2 oz, strawberry, lavender, clean, citrus, sea salt
candle box assorted, front open, red, blue, purple, ginger, jamaica me, just cleaned
Assorted Discovery Box of 6 Candles - Candle Nerds

Assorted Discovery Box of 6 Candles

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Embark on a olfactory journey with Candle Nerds' newest treasure – The Discovery Box! Unveil the allure of six distinct scents: Lavender, Just Clean, Strawberries and Cream, Sea salt Jasmine, Ginger Lime, and Jamaica Me Crazy. Elevate your ambiance and let each fragrance tell its unique story.

The scents we use are Phthalate free, made without ingredients found on California's proposition 65 list, no carcinogens, no mutagens, no reproductive toxins, no organ toxins, and no acute toxins.

The wicks we use are a flat braided cotton, they are lead and zinc free.